Finding your style is like finding yourself, since  and once you do so you will feel not only  more comfortable in your skin, but more confident and better overall.  We all go through this period in life when we start being aware that our clothing style is not as good as we thought it was and thus, we start exploring and trying out new things. This may take some people days, weeks, months or even years to find their own style. But today we will show you 5 tips  to easily find yours without having to struggle much.


Many looks and styles are usually  related to your lifestyle. For instance if you like training, boxing and sports overall the chances are that your style will grab through athleisure because that’s your lifestyle.

sport outfit
sporty style outfit example

And if you like Rock n’ roll or the 70s subculture then you’re style is most likely to going to be Rockabilly or rock chic :

Rock chic ootdf
Rock Chic style outfit example

And if you Like gaming and animes your style is  probably going to be Techwear  or hyped streetfashion:

tech ootd
tech wear style outfit example

And if you like just simple things in life and love remaining just as minamalistic andas relaxed as possible you’re probably going to like the casual style :

casual ootd
Casual style outfit example


Once you do find something that you like for example this outfit bellow :

street ootd
Strret style outfit example

all you have to do is save it or take a screenshot of it and the next time you go shopping look for similar if not the same items and simply see if they suit you and if you like them and you can also try to match different clothing pieces from different type of styles  and see what you can come up with

3- Finding your inspiration :

Look for different styles picture, now you’re probably ask why should i waste my time and look for picture ?. The point of this is to immerse  your mind in fashion and then pick out what you like  and over time you will find what you like when you can move on to the next step and apply it which  experimenting

differents ootd
Different styles outfits examples


ootd experimenting
style experimenting

The next step is all about trial and errors and the point  is making mistakes and learning from them and what i mean by that is you’re going to try a couple of outfits from different types of style and see what looks good on you and what doesn’t through some aesthetic albums you’ve found on either Pinterest or  Instagram or the internet overall. But as time goes on you get more comfortable and familiar with what you like so you can try step  5


the key to find you own style is to make it yours!! and this the hardest part  yet. So let’s say you spent the couple last months/years experimenting a lot of stuff to get a decent understanding of your style and what you wear and like to wear now it is time to make it PERSONAL. For instance let’s say that you like the Saint Laurent Aesthetic (SLP)

SLP ootd
SLP aesthetic style outfit exmaple

so for example instead of  wearing that skinny jeans and fitted shirt  why don’t you switch it for a loose sweater or something else that is not generic SLP anymore but yours. This will allow you to have a personal unique signature style

mastering ootd
Personal signature style outfit example

To conclude this article i’d say that finding your style may take you some time but trust me when you will find it you will feel good because you look good.

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