Today we’ll talk about 7 style mistakes that 90% of the teenagers make starting by :

1- Getting styled by your parents :

look, i know how it sounds but we’re telling you that there are still some people out there that let their moms or dads pick their outfit and dress them up. Now don’t get us wrong  unless your parents are stylists u shouldn’t let them style you i mean come on guys go have fun!! explore different pieces, different styles + fashion trends changes all the time so don’t expect your parents your mom and your dad what’s happening right now so if you need inspiration go to Pinterest, to Instagram you’ll definitely find something that you’ll like there.

2- Don’t wear sneakers all the time :

We know how much y’all love sneakers but wearing them every single day! and in every single occasion !??? i mean that’s wrong come on lads step up and change + every single guy in your age and in your class will be prolly wearing the sneakers that are currently tredning so stand out and try out some chelsea boots, chuka boots ro combat boots.. idk man just show them that you’re not blending in but born to stand out so spicy it up a little bit and i’m sure you’ll like it and get tons of compliments too

3-  Wearing wrinkly clothes :

please if you’re okay wearing this stop, just STOP it doesn’t look good you just look like someone messy,  so steam it or iron it and look sharp and clean

4- Not wearing cologne :

investing in a good fragrance or a good cologn is a life savior, i magine wearing a scent that is so good that everyone will start looking at you and oh boy you’ll feel confident and good!! smell good = feel good

5- Not changing your hairstyle :

i’ll cut it short for you, you won’t always remain young and pretty who knows you may become bald in the future so instead of rocking the same hairstyle again and again go out and look for a trust worthy barber and try out new haircuts, it’ll take time finding something that’ll suit you bhut once u’ll find it you’re going to own it!!

6- Blending in and wearing what you’re friends wear even if you don’t like it :

look guys, You will end up in a closet full of stuff that you never really wear once you grow up and get aware of how shitty your style was  if you are constantly buying quick trends that go out in style in the next season. Okay, cash! You’ll wear traditional items each season, like a go to everything dress and a couple of jeans you love instead balance some new, trendy items.

7- Stop spending shitload of money on clothing :

we’re probably the last persons who should tell you this because we’re huge shop-acholic but ain’t gonna lie instead of spending tons f cash on clothing that prolly going to stop neing trendy in a few months, invest in solid pieces that never go out of style , that you can wear and match with tons of fits such as : (white teesn chinos, black jeans, white sneakersn, black shirt, chelsea boots..