Today we will be introducing a new denim brand called by SEP which is a Thai denim brand that produces high quality jeans that are both affordable and unique.

The story behind the SEP :

When the new generation took over the family business which had been manufacturing denim for the last 30 years V.R. Trading import & export changed its name to SEP. and when the street fashion became trendier in Thailand brands such Saint Laurent, Fear of God and Amiri gained huge popularity among the Thai teenagers but since these brands were overpriced and this is where SEP took a stand and forever changed the market by producing each piece with passion and love while also not only using the most premium materials and fabric to create its high quality jeans but while also while maintaining an affordable price so everyone can experience high end denim with a reasonable price.

Our Selection :


SEP only made 200 pieces worldwide of this jean, meaning once sold out they will never comeback in stock again. Skinny fit with its beautiful sky-blue wash with bandana details, this jean is similar to the amiri mx1 bandana ripped skinny indigo jeans .

The 121 Blue Fade Ripped Slimfit  Price : 636 DH

Similar to the saint Laurent ripped classic denim ,this beautiful pair of jeans has a one of a kind denim wash that is in between light blue and white blue sky and it is the only pair of slim fit jeans they have and it is as good as you think it is.

SThe Snow Paisley Denim  Price : 830dh

Last but not least the snow paisley denim. This one is by far our favourite one, the wash is incredibly beautiful, the jean itself is  not only so comfortable and looks and fits amazing but better than the distressed bandana Amiri jeans one.

How to style SEP denim ? :

Though there are many ways to style SEP jeans since they are versatile the following outfits are what I personally find suit best the jeans.


outfit 1look 2 :


shipping costs and informations :

The shipping cost will be different depending on how much jeans you will order. Here’s the shipping cost per item1000 Baht for 1 item
1000+300 Baht for 2 items
1000+300+300 Baht for 3 items
1000+300+300+… Baht for … items

Now keep in mind that 1000฿ = 278DH and 1300฿ = 361DH…

Overall, we would say that SEP denim is not only worth checking because they make high quality denim similar to luxury high fashion brands but also all these jeans are way better than your average Zara, Bershka or your Pull & Bear jeans. And let me tell you something!! They were not only kind enough to send us 3 samples but also super fast. We received the parcel in only 4 days!!

These 3 jeans are hands down the best and greatest jeans we’ve ever worn. Now this collection may blow your mind away but the next one will be ever cooler. In conclusion everything was amazing from the look of these jeans to their fits and their high end quality in other words everything was perfect .

For more information check their website out :